Finally, take control of WordPress with a custom design experience.

To create a thriving community in the age of social media, you need to Delight

As the age of social media reaches a boiling point there has never been a better opportunity than right now to secure your online community. But, just creating a traditional blog or forum isn't enough to convert your followers into subscribers. That's where Sites Delight steps in.

The Insurance Industry Index is an ongoing website built to hold insurance agency listings, jobs listings, and community forum. User registration is free and once logged in users can submit and manage their various listings throughout the site.

Admin management is easy with simple backend controls setup to allow manual approval for new listings and easy settings to change content around the website.

Other functionality includes multiple contact forms, WordPress to XenForo SSO integration, and custom CRM integration.

StartupBros uses a totally custom integration of Marketers Delight and LearnDash to create a thorough course experience.

The course site can host unlimited courses sorted by categories and users can track their progress through lessons and courses, and custom design features have been put in place to help users move through courses as smoothly as possible.

The Allied Experts website is a dynamic content and sales website managed by the entire Allied Experts team.

Using Advanced Custom Fields, we built an easy admin interface the team can use to update and add new pages. The content directory pages you see are otherwise default WordPress post type and taxonomy features, creating a native content publishing experience.

Wholly Cow Burgers is a classic website to market and dominate the local search rankings for the best burger restaurant you'll find in Austin, and maybe even the world!

This site features an expansive WooCommerce store and a custom designed popup to quickly advertise the various food delivery services and other online ordering options. This single popup has increased online sales, and local SEO makes Wholly Cow one of the best online burger brands in Austin.

Mickey Visit is a long-running and highly popular Disney magazine. The goal of designing this site was to increase email subscribers and offer their various editors easier publishing tools to help keep ahead of the high content volume through this blog.

Running different kinds of optin offers is critical for growing this blog, and using MD Optins tools MickeyVisit is always able to come up with new optin offers and find out what works and what needs to be improved.

McClain Insurance needed a website to house their many content pages for their insurance services as well as a dynamic blog to post news and events their company is running.

Integrity Insure needed a design to match their high-energy and creative brand, and the design we shipped turned out very interactive and vibrant. In addition to the pretty design, this site features contact forms connected to a CRM, local SEO optimizations, and easy admin controls for creating new content according to the Integrity content standards.

For years the IAOA conference has been selling out tickets through the website we designed for them, and have been able to easily update the assets for the new logos, schedules, and speakers each year.

In addition to selling conference tickets, the IAOA website features a podcast section and various page templates for different kinds of content.

As per our style, admin controls have been made for easy page template editing.

GLM Insurance is a custom designed website with interactive and fun page templates to get across the strong personality behind their brand.

With custom templates used to generate various types of content pages, GLM sits on a strong SEO foundation and easy admin management controls.

CryptoWP is a website designed for a free WordPress plugin that allows users to grab and display various data about cryptocurrencies on their websites.

This site is the hub to sell the premium version of the plugin as well as advertise its various rich features, and even houses a blog with category listing and fully featured documentation section.

Be love and be you is the home of musician Matt Welsh who uses his website to advertise his music, share his story through his blog, and sell merchandise through a custom WooCommerce store.

With various merch combinations we created and found the right plugins to enhance the default features of WooComerce and create an upsell experience to lock in last minute sales.

The best part of this site is the custom page designed for Matt's album "The Awakening" which is self-produced through this website.